World Class Communication Solutions

We keep your wireless system running at peak efficiency, no matter what the weather conditions are. We provide essential communications when communication is essential.

Never feel stranded

Stay in touch while working remotely with reliable communication solutions. We install and maintain mountaintop trunking towers throughout Northwest British Columbia and provide our customers with satellite internet technology.

The right TOOL for the JOB.

We are the only Motorola dealer on the North Coast of British Columbia and offer the highest quality Motorola products, combined with our wireless communication technology expertise. The result is the most powerful wireless communications in the entire region.


Communications can be quite a challenge on British Columbia's North Coast. In this mountainous region, the elements can take their toll on communications systems. With decades of service in this region, we're familiar with these unique challenges, where preparation and experience result in year round up-time.


When the JOB is essential, COMMUNICATION is essential. We supply over a dozen communities with 911 Emergency Systems, and countless on-site emergency first-aid response units depend on our services. Static free, easy-to-operate push to talk solutions have been a staple in emergency response for nearly a century.

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