Top 5 Questions To Ask When Renting Two Way Radios

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August 16, 2017

Ask These 5 Questions Before Renting Your Next Portable or Mobile Two Way Radio

Whether you're a first time user and just need a couple of handheld radios for a weekend event or are outfitting a worksite for a long-term project, Coast Mountain Wireless is ready to help with your two way radio rental needs. Our fleet of portable and mobile radios are trusted by hundreds of companies across Western Canada to provide safe and reliable communications when it counts. So if you're thinking of renting two way radios but don't know where to start, we've put together a list of the top 5 questions you should ask before renting below.
  1. Do I need portable or mobile radios?

    The majority of our two way radio rental clients choose traditional portable handheld radios. They're easy to carry, have a strong battery life and require little or no setup once they've been delivered to your site. Mobile radios on the other hand usually require some form of installation, which means a visit to our shop or a site visit by one of our certified technicians. With mobile radios, you also need to affix an antenna to your vehicle (usually by magnet) and connect to your vehicle's power source. Mobiles are great for larger worksites where communication to a central dispatch or among workers is required. A lot of our British Columbia and Alberta clients also opt for our range road mobile radio rentals which come pre-programmed with all range road channels.
  2. Will I be working indoor or outdoor?

    The second question we ask clients is where they'll be using the radios. If it's mostly indoor, we'll want to know the type of structure you'll be working in, whether there is a lot of concrete walls the radio signal may need to pass through, or if you need to communicate across multiple stories like property management companies often do. If the radios are being used outdoor, we'll need to understand the range and type of terrain you'll be operating in. Portable radios have a limited range and their signal can be impacted by a variety of factors including hills and buildings. By understanding the environment you'll be working in, we can recommend the right radio and frequency to meet you needs.
  3. Will I be working in a loud or dangerous environment?

    If you're working in a loud environment there are two things you should consider. The first is opting for a digital two way radio which has noise reduction technology built in to help you better communicate in noisy environments. This is especially true for manufacturing or construction users. The second thing to consider is adding a headset or earpiece to your rental radio. These options greatly reduce background noise and allow users to clearly communicate when listening and speaking. Earpieces are great for security applications while headsets are favoured more in industrial settings. Both options offer listen-only mode which allow users to monitor communications without having the ability to speak.
  4. How long do I need the radios for?

    With most rental equipment, the longer you rent, the better the price. Two way radio rentals are no different. Rentals can be as low as $10/day per unit depending on the type of rental and length of time you need it.
  5. Do I need other accessories like spare batteries, headsets or multi-unit chargers?

    Two way radio accessories can not only improve the quality of your two way radio experience, but can also help prevent unexpected repairs due to user error. Speak microphones are wire mics that connect to the lapel or shirt collar and keep radios on the user's waist. While commonly used by police officers, they are extremely useful when users are constantly accessing their radios. Multi-unit chargers (aka gnag chargers) allows you to charge multiple radios at once. If you're renting a large fleet or have limited power outlets, adding a multi-unit charger to your rental can ensure your radios are in one place and always charging. Multi-unit chargers can also charge spare batteries so your radios are always ready to work. Audio accessories such as headsets and earpieces are great additions to any rental fleet, especially for users in loud environments or those needing hearing protection.

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