Whatever the location, job and scale of the project, communication solutions for industry is our specialty

Industrial Communications
All across North Western British Columbia, industrial development communication systems are serviced by our team.



A staple industry in Beautiful British Columbia, we love to work with those that love the outdoors.

Is at the heart of British Columbia, over mountains, across lakes and along rivers, people stay connected and stay safe.

Fire Department Two Way Radios

Emergency Services

We supply over a dozen communities with 911 Emergency Systems, and countless on-site emergency first-aid units rely on our services.

When Communication is Essential
We are proud to supply emergency services with the essential equipment to do their jobs.

Marine Radios & Sat Phone Rentals for Fishing


Coast Mountain Wireless offers Marine radios and accessories for communications on the rivers and oceans.

People & Places
From hatcheries, to ecologists, and local fishing vessels.

Wireless Communications for Utility Projects

Utility Services

Using SCADA radios, we help local gas companies monitor gas temperature, pressure, and flow in the pipelines.

Two Way Radio & Wireless Communications for Mining


Coast Mountain Wireless uses satellite technology to provide remote mining camps with telephone, internet, and email services.

Mining in the 21st Century
With the use of broadband satellite internet and robust radio systems, connecting your offices, camps and vehicles keeps everyone in touch.

VHF Mobile Radios for Logging & Forestry


Numerous logging companies and sawmills rely on Coast Mountain Wireless for two-way radio communications.

Safety & Efficiency
In an industry the whole province depends on, safety and efficiency rely on dependable wireless communications.

Wireless Communications for Environmental Services


B.C. is renown for its pristine wilderness and we're always available to help in the efforts to understand and contribute to our ecosystem.

Our Backyard Is Big
Research and conservation organizations depend on wireless communication to stay connected as they venture into our vast forests.