Satellite Services


Expanding throughout the Northwest, keeping connected saves money, time and sometimes lives. Working remotely posses challenges that, until recently, were extremely costly. We offer Phone Systems, Internet, GPS and Messenger systems for remote workforces in all conditions.

Satellite Phone Rentals


Simple, yet elegant communication solutions through satellite technology, bringing the convenience and familiarity of your office phone to the furthest reaches of the Northwest. Never feel stranded with our fleet of satellite phones, including the Iridium 9555, Iridium GO and Globalstar GSP-1700.

Satellite Links


We’re more than just two-way radios. Communication among your crew includes connecting your work site with offices around the globe. In the advent of wireless data, we are able to provide stable, reliable broadband solutions with the power of satellite and microwave technology.

VLan and Network Management


Not only do we get you connected, we put your data link to work. Clever advancements in topology design and network solutions make the most of your remote connection.

Equipment Maintenance & Servicing


From towers, repeaters, satellite dishes, any and all equipment we sell, we service. Taking care of our equipment and yours is part of what we do, every day of the year.

Diagnostics, Repairs &


We service and support almost any radio equipment, if any of your radio equipment needs a check-up or some fine tuning, we’d love to take a look. Our shop is also fully staffed and equipped to install all types of radios and antennas in any vehicle.

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Our team of certified technicians will keep your wireless communications up and running so you can focus on what matters - your business