Two-Way Radio Towers & Repeaters




Powerful wide area coverage for radio and microwave connectivity. We develop, deploy and maintain industry grade two-way radio coverage solutions, across valleys and mountain tops.

VHF Marine Two-Way Radios


Whether you work on the ocean, or enjoy week-long fishing trips, communication with other vessels and shore is essential for your safety. Two-Way radio systems have been the backbone of ocean communication for nearly a century, reliable, weather resistant and easy to operate.

Portable & Mobile Two-Way Marine Radio


The Standard Horizon comes with all common marine channels pre-programmed, with space available for dozens of custom channels you might need. We also provide Standard Horizon radio solutions for marine vessels.


Two-Way Radio Accessories

We offer a wide range of equipment to help protect and personalize your equipment to fit your work-style. Through a unique combination of tools, optimize your communication equipment however you need.

Headsets and Speakers

Many of us work with our hands, and Hands-Free options for communication is essential for many fields. From equipment operators to pilots, find the right combination that fits your job.

Pelican Cases

Protecting your equipment is important. Pelican is the worlds leader in durable storage and equipment protection. We trust our tools and technology with Pelican and offer a wide range of protective cases and storage solutions to keep your equipment safe.

Custom Cabling

Wherever you need to install your equipment, we can get you the equipment you need. In vehicles, across your boat, and outside a building, we ensure the cabling is durable, weather resistant and appropriate for whatever environment and whatever length you need.

Need More Information About Our Products?

Our experienced staff can help answer your questions and recommend the right equipment for the job.